Don’t worry, you are defnitely not alone. For the majority of candidates, the abstract in station 2 is the most feared part of the entire interview. And we know why: it’s unpredictable, hard to prep for and stats can be really darn confusing.

The feedback from Round 1 2016 was that the abstract was really challenging so for Round 2 we have updated and revamped our Station 2 section in the course. We have added more detailed (but simple) explanations and examples of the most common stats stuff as well as a few more abstracts to go over on the day.

To get you started with your preparation, have a look at the June 2016 BJD. For example, the stats in the article on page 1299 by Agamia et al are really straightforward (just p-values, SD and correlations). This would be a good place to start your stats revision – just don’t get thrown by the really long complicated-sounding title to the paper!!