The countdown to Dermatology ST3 Round 1 Applications has begun!

Initial post numbers are expected to be released by Friday 12 February and the applications will open Tuesday 16 February at 10AM and close Wednesday 9 March. Short-listed candidates can expect their interview anytime from Monday 21 March – Wednesday 11 May.

So what should you be doing right now to ensure that you are ready for the application process?

First and foremost get to know the Persons Specification required for the role better than the back of your hand. The link is:

The next thing you should do is UPDATE YOUR CV with the person spec in mind. Initially include any and everything you can think of relating to dermatology or relevant SPR skills; keep this long verson for when you are practicing your interview, but for your final CV ensure that the version is succinct and salient.

Once you have updated your CV, go back through the person spec and check that you have something relevant for each and every criteria required: all of these will be assessed in the marking process for your written application and your interview. If there are any gaps in your CV, now is the time to address them! There is still time before the application closing deadline to enhance your score – every point counts. Befriend your local or regional dermatology team (if you haven’t already done so!) and make sure that you address any gaps as best you can: a submission of a case report is better than no publication; data collection for a national audit in dermatology is better than no relevant audit; an accepted abstract to present at a regional dermatology meeting is better than no presentation.

Finally, make sure you book yourself a place on the DermOwl course! There are still a few spaces available for the 27 February course in London. There is no better way to get a rapid overview of the specialty, understand the mindset of dermatologist and improve your ability to sell your relevant skills.

Good luck and we hope to see many of you aspiring dermatology SPRs on our DermOwl course or in our coaching sesssions!