‘Excellent speakers, kept the enthusiasm up throughout the meeting, making it very engaging’
SR, Round 1 2016
‘Excellent overall. Everybody should do this’
LN, Round 1 2016
‘Fantastic, awesome, unique. Really helpful to have a day on the interview structure and focusing on individual stations’
GO, Round 1 2016
‘Good overview of the derm interview, helpful structure for handling those questions. Made me focus my learning’
SA, Round 1 2016
‘This course was absolutely amazing. It was one of the best interview courses that I have been to. The presenters were very friendly and helpful. Thank you so much’
ME, Round 1 2016
‘Most helpful interview course I have ever attended. Very focused on Dermatology interview, which is what was needed’
DS, Round 1 2016
‘ Loads of really useful info, thank you. Great to have opportunities to ask lots of questions and advice about the process’
RB, Round 1 2016
‘Very well prepared. Talks covering wide range of issues. Incredibly reassuring to go through the abstract station. I feel much more prepared now’
SH, Round 1 2016
‘Really encouraging, great presentations. So relevant. I would definitely advise CMTs to go on this course.
AB, Round 1 2016
‘I have always been nervous at interviews, and my interview for a number clearly was so important that I was sure my nerves would impede my performance. Dr Worsnop and Dr Spierings provided me with the tools to sell myself effectively to the panel and make myself stand out. The interview could not have gone better and I attribute this entirely to preparation and practice. Thank you, Owls!’
CS, Bristol Trainee
‘I received great support and tutorage from Dr. Worsnop and Dr. Spierings in preparation for my Dermatology ST3 interview. With their guidance and knowledge I managed to boost my confidence and preparation to rank number one out of the candidates nationally.’
CF, London Trainee
‘I have wanted to be a dermatologist since medical school and have made my CV as competitive as possible, so I knew my application was strong. I also knew that 80% of the marking criteria for getting a number comes from the interview. Dr. Spierings’ and Dr. Worsnop’s took a personal approach in my one-on-one sessions to help me present the best version of myself in the interview. They gave me the skills to be ‘confident, not cocky.’’
PM, London Trainee