Summary of course feedback, Round 1, 2017:

Total feedback collected: 44/45 attendees

1. How would you rate the content of the presentations?

Poor Fair Average Good Excellent
Introduction 0 0 1 14 29
Station 1 0 0 0 11 33
Station 2 0 0 0 15 29
Station 3 0 0 1 6 37

2. How would you rate the following aspects of the course?

Poor Fair Average Good Excellent
Course organisation 0 0 0 8 36
Programme 0 0 1 6 37
Venue 0 0 0 6 38

3. Programme Overview

Strongly disagree Disagree Neither agree nor disagree Agree Strongly agree
The course has provided me with valuable information 0 0 0 12 32
I would recommend this course to colleagues 0 0 0 11 33


‘Great approach’ – liked that people weren’t forced to answer questions in front of everyone. Excellent all in all – Thank you!’

‘Very positive – very insightful, particularly the area covered in relatino to personal attiudes towards self. I will definitely book myself onto a 1:1 course’

‘Very informative course, Fiona and Natalia very approachable’

‘Excellent. Great speakers, very enthusiastic’

‘Really helpful, demystified the interview process. Thank you!’

‘Well organised’

‘Great venue. Very engaging presentations’

‘Excellent course, both encouraging and approachable. Thank you so much’

‘Excellent course, really focussed. This course has been great as it’s made me realise how much work I need to put into the interview process’

‘Excellent and very relevant and helpful. Thank you for setting up this course’

‘Excellent and comprehensive. Great presentations. Helpful advice. Maximised time available’

‘Really good course. Thanks for your hard work’

‘Overall very good and useful day – will highly recommend’

‘The structure of the course is excellent. Pace of the course was also very good’

‘Great course, so useful! Thanks so much!’

‘Interesting interactive course. Enthusiastic speakers. Helpful overview. Feel much more prepared for the interview: thank you’

‘Very good and enjoyable. Not draggy or boring at all’

‘Great enthusiasm. Friendly’

‘Informative and useful’