1-to-1 Interview Prep

There is no better way to hone your interview skills than being coached in a one-to-one setting. We would particularly recommend that this is used as an adjunct to the interview course, and should ideally take place afterwards.

This intensive coaching can follow any format you desire. Constructive feedback will enable you to understand your individual strengths and weaknesses so that you can tailor your future practice appropriately to achieve the best outcome. We provide a mock interview which can cover questions from all three stations, e.g. 30 minutes per station, or you can specficially concentrate on one or two of your weaker stations, if this is your preference. We can also provide an analysis of your CV if you wish. Personalised training on interview techniques is a strong focus of our one-to-one sessions.

Please see our FAQs section for more information about the one-to-one format.

NEW FOR 2019: The DermOwl Team is growing!! We are excited to introduce a second new DermOwl who will be providing one-to-ones specifically for station 2

ABSTRACTS for Round 1 2019! We know this is the most stressful station in the interview so we searched far and wide to find an expert to do sessions specifically aimed at preparing you to tackle the abstract station!

Dates and Times for available sessions are now bookable via this website. If you have a specific date/time request, please email us at info@dermowl.co.uk and we will try out best to accomodate you.

All one-to-one sessions are via Facetime or Skype


‘I received great support and tutorage from Dr. Worsnop and Dr. Spierings in preparation for my Dermatology ST3 interview. With their guidance and knowledge I managed to boost my confidence and preparation to rank number one out of the candidates nationally.’
CF, London Trainee
‘I have always been nervous at interviews, and my interview for a number clearly was so important that I was sure my nerves would impede my performance. Dr Worsnop and Dr Spierings provided me with the tools to sell myself effectively to the panel and make myself stand out. The interview could not have gone better and I attribute this entirely to preparation and practice. Thank you, Owls!’
CS, Bristol Trainee
Coaching Delivery Duration Cost
One-to-One Interview Prep Virtual (FaceTime) 90 min £198
Station 2 Abstract Preparation (NEW FOR ROUND 1 2019!) Virtual (Skype/Facetime) 90 min £198